Toshiba dynaEdge smart glass solution

Imagine giving your workers access to the knowledge and data they need, exactly when they need it.
Our vision is to enhance their work, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing.
That’s what the Toshiba dynaEdge DE-100 with AR100 Viewer smart glasses can do for your team.

Assisted reality. Now a reality.

A Windows based Edge computing device, the dynaEdge DE-100, with up to Intel® Core m7 Processors,
connects to the Toshiba AR100 smart glass wearable, giving your workers a complete head mounted display and camera.

Not only can the glasses deliver the mission critical information your workers need, exactly when they need it, but they
can also record and stream their situation to a remote expert or app so they get help, advice and interaction in real time.

It’s mobile in every sense too, thanks to its battery and WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity. Tested to MIL 810-G standards,
the dynaEdge is rugged enough to perform in the toughest situations.

It’s simply a revolutionary way to help workforces work better.

Give your workers
the power to perform

By combining the power of Windows 10 and Intel® Core CPUs with a display, microphone, touchpad, camera and speakers, your workforce can experience an Assisted Reality solution designed to help them get the job done, whether they’re working onsite or remotely.

The dynaEdge with smart glasses actively empowers your workers through a range of hands-free tasks and processes. ‘See-What-I-See’ functionality allows onsite technicians to connect with remote experts. The latest product updates and training, delivered where they’re needed. Document retrieval. Workflow Instructions. Real-Time Data Capture. All at your workers’ fingertips, without disrupting their workflow.

As a Windows 10 device, integration with your infrastructure is seamless. And dynaEdge can form the basis of a fully tailored solution, with workflow software specific to the processes in your business.

The result? Improved efficiency of workers onsite and on the go. And better productivity throughout your business.

Remote Expert. Collaborative
working at the touch of a button

The Remote Expert function takes collaborative working to the next level.

Not only can field workers talk to and see experts back in the office,
they can show the situation they’re facing too, instantly and in real time.

These colleagues can then respond with training, support and data, all
instantly heard and seen on the device.

It’s real time support, available anywhere. And the possibilities are endless.

Powerful efficiency
across the enterprise

The benefits of dynaEdge are simple to see.

  • Give your people ‘knowledge without experience’ – with access to work instructions and other visual and audio information anywhere.
  • Connect your frontline workers with remote experts to advise, guide and train.
  • Standardise processes across your workforce.
  • You can be flexible, communicating alerts and process changes immediately.
  • Real time visual data capture helps you assure quality standards and analyse performance.
  • Taken together, it means improved productivity. More flexibility within your organisation. Higher quality standards. And more efficient use of your valuable human resources.


AR100 Lens-less Frame

AR100 Safety Frame

DE-100 dynaEdge

Carrying Case

DE-100 dynaEdge

AR100 Lens-less Frame

AR100 Safety Frame

DE-100 dynaEdge

AR100 Carrying Case

DE-100 dynaEdge

All kinds of applications in all kinds of businesses

Toshiba’s dynaEdge AR100 smart glass solution is applicable across a wide range of industries.

In maintenance, it’s perfect for service and inspection, diagnosis, machine maintenance and even worker training. Software, for example,
could recognise the machine being inspected, detect any issues and translate instructions for repair to the user via the glasses.

Operations in logistics will benefit too. The dynaEdge AR100 makes manual order picking more efficient. Helps organise incoming, outgoing
and sorting of goods. And even improves inventory management by giving instructions to stack pallets in the most effective way.

And it’s tailor made for manufacturing. Not only does it provide superb assembly line support and boost quality assurance, it also aids
human/robot interaction – an M2M assembly line sensor, for instance, could automatically display an alert on the glasses when an error occurs.

Discover the difference the dynaEdge can make to your business.

The mobile maintenance guide

Ideal for:

Field service technicians, utility workers and other government/commercial inspection specialists.

Your task:

To improve the efficiency and fault resolution rate of service technicians.

How the solution helps:

  1. Create expert-recorded POV (Point of View) training videos with step-by-step narrative during task
  2. Deliver maintenance guides and other information at the point of repair
  3. Enables parts lookup in inventory


  • More efficient use of your human resources: field service technicians are more efficient, and usage of your central ‘experts’ can be extended globally
  • Whether the equipment to be maintained is a washing machine or a plane, downtime can be reduced
  • Enhanced training, performance assessment and quality control
  • Improves communication and collaboration across the workforce
  • Workers’ confidence improved by always having back-up available

The efficient warehouse

Ideal for:

Frontline workers in warehouses concerned with inventory management and logistics.

Your task:

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse/logistics workforce.

How the solution helps:

  1. Supplementary visual information to enhance the pick and pack process
  2. Indicates the optimum line of movement within warehouse/facility
  3. Can dynamically indicate alternative components to pick if out of stock
  4. Automatically scans item or shipment’s barcode to manage inventory


  • Increased accuracy of the pick and pack process leading to reduced return rates
  • Increased efficiency of workers moving around the workplace leading to faster execution
  • Flexibility to adapt workflow ‘on the fly’ as required
  • Enhanced training, performance assessment and quality control
  • Improves communication and collaboration across the workforce
  • Workers’ confidence improved by always having back-up available

The efficient factory workforce

Ideal for:

Workers in the manufacturing industry that require a complex level of training and management.

Your task:

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your factory floor workforce.

How the solution helps:

  1. Quality control during the manufacturing process
  2. Enables newly hired workforce to perform complex tasks through ‘on the job’ training
  3. Customised work instructions, for example per batch
  4. Facilitates continual process analysis and improvement through visual data


  • Improved manufacturing quality and efficiency
  • Flexibility to adapt workflow ‘on the fly’ as required
  • Enhanced training, performance assessment and quality control
  • Improves communication and collaboration across the workforce
  • Workers’ confidence improved by always having back-up available

Getting started with the
Toshiba dynaEdge smart glass solution

The dynaEdge smart glass solution is designed to be hard wearing and practical – complementing the different work patterns and environments that your workers experience day to day.

At the heart of the solution is the dynaEdge DE-100 processor unit, which is available in a number of configurations, depending on the processing power needed for your operations. It comes complete with an AC Adapter.

Add to this the dynaEdge AR100 Viewer – the monocular HMD (Head Mounted Display) unit. Next, select your preferred mounting option for the AR100 HMD; choices include glasses, helmet and headband options. You can also choose from a range of other accessories including a 4-port battery charger, spare batteries, cables, carry case and more.

A great way to get started is to choose the AR100 Kit. This provides the AR100 Viewer, a USB Type-C™ cable to connect the Viewer to the DE-100 base unit, a holster to securely hold the DE-100 at the wearer’s waist, and a robust clip to comfortably secure the cable to the wearer’s clothing. It also includes a sturdy carry case with spaces for the dynaEdge DE-100 unit and your preferred dynaEdge AR100 Viewer mounting option (both sold separately).

dynaEdge DE-100

AR100 Kit

Your choice of mounting options

AR100 Mounting options

AR100 Lens-less Frame PA5298U-1GSK
AR100 Safety Frame PA5299U-1GHL
AR100 Safety Helmet Mounts PA5300U-1GHM
AR100 Headband PA5301U-1GBM

Additional Accessories

AR100 Viewer* PA5293U-1VEW
DE-100 Holster* PA5294U-1GHL
USB Type-C™ Cable* PA5297U-1GTC
Cable Clip* PA5320U-1CLP
Carrying Case PA5295U-1GCR
DE-100 Battery Pack PA5289U-1BRS
DE-100 Battery Charger PA5303E-1GHG
AC Adapter PA5192U-1ACA
AR100 Lens-less Frame Ear Hooks PA5322U-1EAR
AR100 Safety Frame Mounting Clips PA5321U-1MCL

Items marked *are included in the AR100 Kit PA5293U-1WLF


PA5298U-1GSK AR100
Lens-less Frame

PA5299U-1GHL AR100
Safety Frame

PA5300U-1GHM AR100
Safety Helmet Mounts (US)

PA5301U-1GBM AR100

PA5303E-1GHG DE-100
Battery Charger

PA5289U-1BRS DE-100
Battery Pack

PA5293U-1VEW AR100

PA5295U-1GCR AR100
Carrying Case

Type-C™ Cable

PA5294U-1GHL DE-100

Cable Clip

Toshiba Business Support Portal

The Toshiba Business Support Portal ensures comprehensive control and management of your dynaEdge Mini PCs, related glasses and all other Toshiba assets within one personalised platform. Detailed information about products and their warranty status, tailored driver download packages and many more features will help you save precious time and reduce administrative burdens to focus on your own business.